Its always better to share with your clients or prospects. Its really good when we make sure that clients know about it when we are in news or we announce a new product or service. We always have a news and events section to our website and we put some news articles speaking about us or how we successfully completed some things. But again when new event has happened or new success is achieved we forget it to publish on website. And our website carries same old new or event throughout the year or in some case for years. How you feel about visiting a website of a corporate entity which have last event updated a year ago. We start thinking about how much other content is up to date on website. To solve this issue we have come up with dynamic facility to update this on your website. We can create events to publish on website. Just using information like what was the name of event or news, Date of the event if required, Some detailed paragraph text about the event, Photos of the event, and link to an external article or page having more information like Facebook page, or news website. You can update your new and events just as easy as posting on Facebook.

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